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  • I haven't received a text about my pottery yet?
    Our usual lead time for work made in our workshop to be fired and glazed is 2-4 weeks and on occasion this can be up to 5 weeks. If after this period has passed and you still haven't received any news please send us a message on
  • Why does it take so long to get my work back?
    Ceramics is a lengthy process, especially in the 'post production'. After we take your work back to the studio, we allow them to dry completely. It's important the drying process isn't rushed as this can encourage cracks to form. Once bone dry, we load our kiln full of work and fire it up to 1000 degrees. This is called a Bisque firing and is the first of two firings per piece. This take a full 24 hours as cooling, much like drying, cannot be rushed because guessed it: cracking. The bisqueware is now ready to be glazed. Before we dunk them in their shiny top coat, we paint on a layer of wax resist on their bases. This waxy layer will prevent glaze from sticking to the underside of your work as any glaze which has contact with the kiln shelf with stick fast. We dip the pots into a transparent gloss glaze (or a fancy one if you've attended the throwing or courses), wipe the base with a sponge (just in case) and load them into the kiln again for their second firing. This time the temperature is set to 1250 degrees. When the kiln is cool enough to open, we fill our collection shelves and send their makers a text to come to collect them. On some occasions we will transport your work back to the venue you made it. If this is the case we will let you know via text and the collection slot will be anytime within the venues' opening times.
  • Where do I collect my pottery from?
    Once you've been notified that your pottery is ready for collection, please come by the studio. We are located at Windmill Hill City Farm, BS3 4EA. Once you're here, walk to the 'Craft and Training' Building (look for the blue sign on the front), our space is up the stairs and on the right. Please bring a bag and some padding with you (hand towels work well) to wrap and get your work home safely.
  • What times are you open?
    In your collection text you will be advised of the next available collection slot, but if this time doesn't work for you then we just ask you come along at your next earliest convenience. Our studio is open: Monday-Tuesday: 2pm-7pm Wednesday-Thursday: 10am-3pm Please drop us a message to confirm the date and time you are planning to collect.
  • Can I book a private workshop?
    Yes! We run pottery workshops for all sort of occasions: Birthdays, work socials, Hen do's, a visit from family and friends or just because! If you'd like to organise a private workshop or get a quote, please fill in our enquiry form. You can find this under 'Private Workshops' on the homepage, or use the search bar. Alternatively, send us an email and we can send you a link. We will plan the whole session to your preferences to the best of our ability, so no need to contact venues. However, if you do have a preference on venue- let us know and we will contact them.
  • How do your Gift Cards work?
    A pottery workshop is the perfect gift but knowing other peoples availability to book for them is near impossible. With our eGift card you can cover the cost and they can choose the rest! Our workshops are hosted across two platforms: here on our website and also on The gift vouchers can be used across both of these platforms, we can only accept bookings for Yuup workshops via email at Just attach the gift card along with the event that you'd like to attend and we can process your order manually.
  • Can I book my child on to a workshop/course?
    Pottymouth workshop is a business based around giving adults the space to play and relax, to release the stresses of the week over a wholesome evening of creativity and a drink with friends. For this reason, we do not accept anyone under the age of 16 at any of our sessions. For safety reasons, any individuals under 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times and are only eligible for venues which do not serve alcohol, or before 8pm.
  • Can you pop up at a pub near me?
    We are always on the hunt for new and exciting venues. If you are the owner of a venue or just a big fan of one- we always appreciate your suggestions. Just send us an email to and we will get in contact.
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